5 Solutions to Common Problems with Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

May 15, 2023

The emergence of robotic vacuum cleaners has made household cleaning more convenient, but they can sometimes encounter problems. In this article, we will introduce five common solutions to solve the problems that your robotic vacuum cleaner may encounter.

Robotic vacuum can't recognize the room

The robot vacuum's sensors and navigation system rely on reliable signals to determine its position in the room. If the robot vacuum cannot recognize the room or gets lost during cleaning, you can try placing it in the center of the room while ensuring that there are no obstacles in the room. You can also check if the robot vacuum's navigation system is being interfered with or if its camera and sensors are dirty.

Robot Vacuum cleaner gets stuck

If your robot vacuum gets stuck in a corner or under an obstacle, you can solve the problem using the following methods. First, check if the robot vacuum's wheels are stuck in an area where hair or dust has accumulated. If so, you can gently clean them with a small brush or vacuum cleaner. If there is no hair or dust stuck on the wheels, you can try repositioning the robot vacuum or moving it to an open area to start working again.

Robot vacuum can't recognize obstacles

If your robot vacuum cannot recognize obstacles, you can check if the sensors are clean. If the sensors are contaminated, you can wipe them clean with a clean cloth. You can also move the obstacles to a more easily recognizable location to ensure that the robot vacuum does not get stuck on them.

Robot vacuum cleaner can't clean the floor completely

If your robot vacuum cannot clean the floor completely, you can check if the roller brush is working properly. If the roller brush is stuck, you can gently clean it with a small brush or vacuum cleaner. You can also try lowering the robot vacuum's height to ensure that it can clean lower floor areas.

Robot vacuum's battery life is not long enough

If your robot vacuum's battery life is not long enough, you can solve the problem using the following methods. First, make sure the robot vacuum's charger is working properly and connected correctly. Next, check if the robot vacuum's battery needs to be replaced. If it does, you can contact the manufacturer or customer service center for more information. Additionally, you can try using energy-saving mode to extend the robot vacuum's battery life.

These are the five common solutions to problems you may encounter with your robot vacuum. With these tips and methods, you can easily solve problems with your robot vacuum and ensure that it always cleans efficiently.

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