How Robot Vacuums Avoid Obstacles And Even Your Naughty Pets?

APRIL 12, 2023

The sweeping robot is a smart home cleaning device. It can flexibly avoid your sofa, carpet and other places you don't want to clean. The improvement of its intelligence mainly depends on the advancement of navigation technology. Among them, laser navigation technology is currently the most advanced and widely used navigation method.

Laser navigation technology is a technology that uses laser sensors to scan the environment and analyzes and processes it through computer algorithms. A laser sensor is installed on the sweeping robot, which emits a laser beam and scans as it travels. The scanned information includes the position and distance of environmental obstacles such as walls and furniture. Through this information, the robot can draw a map and locate its own position.

Compared with other navigation methods, laser navigation technology has the following advantages:

  • High precision: The laser sensor can scan multiple times in a short period of time to obtain more accurate data. At the same time, more accurate maps and location information can be obtained by
  • Real-time: The laser sensor can obtain environmental information in real time, so the sweeping robot can update the map and location information in real time when it is running, and make corresponding decisions quickly.
  • Multiple application scenarios: Laser sensors can work in harsh environments, such as low light, strong light, dust and other environments. Therefore, laser navigation technology has a wide range of applications and can be applied to various scenarios.

The laser navigation technology of the sweeping robot can not only help the robot to realize the autonomous cleaning function, but also realize more intelligent services through the combination with the smart home system. For example, the robot can be used in combination with a smart speaker to allow the robot to complete cleaning tasks through voice control; it can also be used in combination with a smart home center control system to achieve functions such as one-button start and scheduled cleaning.

In short, laser navigation technology is one of the core technologies of sweeping robots. Through the characteristics of high precision, real-time and robustness, it realizes the autonomous navigation and positioning of robots, and provides users with more intelligent and convenient cleaning services.

At present, in the US and European markets, the price of laser navigation sweeping robots is usually relatively high, because they have more advanced navigation and positioning technology, can plan maps and paths more accurately, and provide more efficient cleaning services. Here are some common price tiers:

  • Low price point: between 200-400 USD or EUR. Laser-guided robot vacuums at this price usually have basic features like scheduled cleaning and basic navigation.
  • Mid-price: between $400-800 or Euros. The laser navigation sweeping robot at this price has more advanced functions, such as virtual wall setting, intelligent identification, positioning and navigation, etc.
  • High price point: over $800 or Euros. Laser navigation sweeping robots at this price usually have the most advanced functions, such as multi-layer map management, intelligent scene switching, etc., and also have more efficient cleaning capabilities and longer battery life.

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Lydsto R5 3000Pa Self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum & Mop

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  • LDS laser navigation, 8CM anti-drop;
  • Automatic dust collection, free of cleaning for 30 days;
  • Intelligent electric control water tank, three water outlet modes;
  • Automatic reminder of dust bag status;
  • Low battery automatically returns to charging;
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